Asset management and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

SunGard Data Systems
Global provider of integrated IT solutions and eProcessing for financial services.
Oak Associates: Asset Management
Provider of a family of concentrated, no-load equity funds. Fund family includes growth, aggressive growth, technology and health sciences funds.
General Re-New England Asset Management, Inc.
Provider of online financial information aggregation services, investment advice services and asset management services. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Provider of an online marketplace for institutional portfolio managers to trade multiple asset classes.
WrapManager: Asset Managers for Managed Accounts
Client goals are matched with over 125 managers for wealth management. $500K minimum, as well as research on over 2000 Money Managers.
Vengroff, Williams and Associates
Provider of credit to cash management solutions, offering services for A/R and credit outsourcing, third party collections, billing and other credit solutions.
Fund performance analysis. Provider of fund analysis and asset allocation tools including tools for selecting funds from risk and return charts.
Trade Center Inc.: Asset Diversification
Offers asset diversification services utilizing proprietary software and client portfolio analysis to direct futures and commodities trading.
UBS Asset Management
Headquartered in Chicago, Brinson Partners, Inc. is the global institutional asset management division of Swiss Bank Corporation.
Andover Consulting Group: Computer Liquidation Management
Provides solutions for liquidating a company's surplus computer equipment into cash.
Corinthian Partners: Asset Management
Offers a number of alternative investment instruments, asset management, and securities brokerage services, including hedge funds and mutual funds.
Fisher Investments: Asset Management
Money managers providing wealth management strategies for affluent investors. Get their exclusive Stock Market Outlook free.
Northern Trust: Asset Management
Offers asset management services including family wealth management, fiduciary and trust services, and private finance. Asset Management
Asset management firm offering selection and analysis of hedge fund investment opportunities such as the Market Wizards Fund started by Jack Schwager.
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