Association in consumer finance and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

Association of lending, credit, and risk management professionals serving the financial services industry.
Consumer Bankers Association
Provides leadership and representation on retail banking issues such as privacy, fair lending, and consumer protection legislation/regulation.
National Center for Financial Education
Topics for consumer financial health.
Institute of Credit Management
Professional body representing the interests of people in all sectors of credit management. Based in Europe.
Nationís first non-profit, Internet-based financial counseling and services organization previously known as Debt Counselors of America. Helps people overcome their money troubles through education and special programs.
Associated Credit Bureaus, Inc.
Represents consumer credit, mortgage reporting, and collection service companies.
Better Business Bureau
Private non-profit organization supported largely by membership dues paid by business and professional groups in each Bureaus' service area; helps consumers and businesses to maintain an ethical marketplace.
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