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NFR Communications, Inc
Electronic publishing center - resources related to the publishing of bank-oriented newsletters and web sites. This is also the electronic home of Northwestern Financial Review magazine, the leading banking industry trade journal for bank presid.
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Publications include annual reports, economic research, and other public information.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Includes information on research and policy, the region, and consumers.
Faulkner & Gray
New York, New York business information resources provider, specializing in accounting, banking, business strategy, cards, collections, ecommerce, health, insurance & retail.
Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota
Includes publications pn business, economics, the region, annual report, and quarterly review.
Publications hosted at
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: Publications
Publications focus on analyzing the developmental impact of a group of Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency-guaranteed projects.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Includes information on economics, banking, finance, financial services, and the community.
Bank Systems + Technology
Delivers key information on the strategic use of technology for increased productivity and profitability.
eBay: Publications about Banking
Online marketplace for buying and selling publications about banking.
US Banker
Comprehensive management magazine for the banking and financial services industry.
NetBill Project
Electronic commerce project at Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute is researching design issues of highly survivable and secure distributed transaction processing systems, as well as accounting and access control for digital libra.
Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
Online publication specifically reporting on trends and news in internet banking and commerce.
Online Banking Report
Internet banking resource covering the latest trends in the online banking industry. Their monthly report on home banking and interactive financial products has been analyzing PC banking since 1995.
Bank Technology News
Information source for systems purchasing in the banking industry.
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