Brazil bank and Banking Guide - Finance Review

Banco BBM
Bank provides services such as proprietary trading, credit, product development, international products, asset management, real estate investment, consumer credit and research/risk management.
Provider of deposit accounts, investments, insurance, credit cards, Interent banking and international banking.
Banco CCF Brasil
Bank offers foreign trade and investment services to corporations, institutional investors and private banking clients.
Banco Central do Brasil
Agent of Brazil that promotes the stability of the purchasing power of the Brazilian currency.
Banco Boreal
Bank assists clients in investments that take place in national and international financial markets.
Safra Group
Members of the financial group include financial institutions, manufacturing companies, telecommunications companies, farming and agricultural companies.
Banco do Nordeste
Financial institution of the Northeast region of Brazil that specializes in development, investment and commercial banking.
Banco Indusval
Bank serves the financial needs of small and medium-sized companies, institutional clients and big-sized companies, as well as international businesses.
Banco Santos
Commercial bank that focuses on commerce, tourism, education, healthcare and industrial companies.
Mass-market bank that offers personal banking, business banking, investment services, Internet banking and credit card services.
Banco do Brasil-US
North American operations of Banco do Brasil, facilitate international trade worldwide, particularly between Brazil and the U.S.A.
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES)
Government-owned bank that focuses on industrial restructuring, infrastructure expansion and revamping, managing the Brazilian Privatization Program, supporting foreign trade, conservating environment, as well as accomplishing and improving comp.
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