Business factory and Small business finance Guide - Finance Review

Capitol Resource Funding
Provider of factoring and accounts receivable management programs to growing businesses throughout the US.
Orange Commercial Credit
Accounts receivable factoring company serving all industries.
21st Capital Corp: Small Business Finance Factoring
Offering receivables factoring services to small and medium-sized businesses. Create invoices online 24/7 and receive funding in minutes.
Factofrance Heller
France-based factoring company.
Allstate Funding
Provider of various sources of financing for small to medium-sized businesses, including factoring, leasing and venture capital.
E.S. Bankest
Provider of accounts receivables funding and complete factoring services.
21st Capital
Accounts receivable finance company specializing in factoring.
Riviera Finance
Provider of accounts receivable management for small and medium-sized businesses.
International Factoring Association
Member-based association to promote education on factoring. The site also provides a search function, whereby firms seeking financing can enter their specific data and find providers of factoring services.
1st Funding Group
Accounts receivable financing funding for business cash flow and financial needs.
Inland Factors
Accounts receivable factoring company serving all industries.
SunState Consulting
Provider of factoring and startup financing for businesses worldwide.
B-V Consulting
Provider of telephone survey service, a process by which the company calls an organization and evaluates the performance of the person contacted.
Provider of factoring services for all commercial receivables, including construction.
Account Funding
Offers financing and factoring of accounts receivables.
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