Consolidation of debt and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

Amerix Corporation
Offers a wide range of services to non-profit, credit counseling agencies; ability to restructure your credit terms and create one monthly bill to pay.
AMMEND Credit Counseling
Provides free, confidential debt repayment assistance for quick, convenient access to help with financial concerns. Debt Consolidation
Non-profit organization offering unsecured debt relief and consolidation, including a consumer rebate program and reduction of interest and late fees.
Make-me-debt-free: Debt Consolidation Counseling
Provides credit counseling, debt management, and financial educational programs designed to reduce and consolidate payments.
Berkshire Financial Solutions
Provides debt management solutions and credit counseling.
The Mint
Consumer financial counseling services; provide bill consolidation, debt counseling, credit analysis, consumer credit reports and collection services.
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maine, Inc
Debt management with case managers and educational program.
Nationís first non-profit, Internet-based financial counseling and services organization previously known as Debt Counselors of America. Helps people overcome their money troubles through education and special programs. Site includes online calc.
America's Lending Partners: Debt Consolidation Loans
Offers refinancing or home equity loans for debt consolidation. Loan requests/profiles are matched at no charge with up to 4 lending partners.
The Student Loan Corporation: Debt Consolidation
Offers student loan debt consolidation information and ways to increase the ease of college loan repayment.
Champion Mortgage: Home Equity Loans & Debt Consolidation
Provides home equity loans to help customers reduce debt. Consolidate Debts
National mortgage lender specializing in consolidating debts through home refinancing, even with less than perfect credit.
Provider of debt consolidation advice and services.
Consolidated Credit Counseling Service
Consolidated Credit Counseling Service is a non-profit providing credit counseling, money management, and credit card consolidation services.
Debt Management Association
Debt consolidation with legal department and experience in dealing with creditors both large and small.
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