Consultancy and consumer finance and Consumer finance Guide - Finance Review

Connected Learning Systems
Train employees to speak effectively, listen well and know how to negotiate with customers to ensure customer retention and debt collection..
UK Loans Advice
Offers detailed advice on the different types of loans available to residents in the United Kingdom.
Credit Research Foundation
Business-to-business credit and accounts receivable education, research, surveys, benchmarking and credit and financial management forums.
Federal Debt Consolidated Services: Finance Consulting
Provider of consumer finance consulting and debt consolidation services designed to help consumers reduce debt and avoid bankruptcies.
CircleLending: Private Loan Servicing
Online servicer of private loan arrangements, from note creation through collection. Supports transactions between individuals, or from loan funds.
National Association of Credit Counseling: Credit Counseling
IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization providing consumer finance debt consolidation services to consumers.
National Revenue Corporation
Delivers world-class, quality risk management and financial services solutions.
National Account Systems
An end-to-end resource for payment systems and processes.
Resource Management Services
Specialize in identifying and resolving recovery and collection management issues.
Debt Marketplace
Advises clients on issues related to risk assessment, portfolio marketing, pricing and other strategic issues.
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