Consultants in software bank and Banking Guide - Finance Review

Idom, Inc.
Provider of management consulting services and banking automation products to the financial sector. Expertise in financial operation, management, accounting and reporting.
James Baker and Associates, LP
Developer of asset/liability management software for banks. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles.
Optigon Technical Associates
IT consulting firm offering software development, business analysis and project management services.
Digital Dynamics Software, Inc.
Provider of Windows software development services including Microsoft Visual C++(16 & 32 bit), Microsoft Visual++, Borland Delphi and Delphi Client Server(16 & 32 bit), Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server and BackOffice. Provider of.
Baker Hill Corporation
Provides technology solutions that target the complete lifecycle of the small business banking relationship.
Spieldenner Consulting
Offers assistance with selection and implementation of the hardware and software solutions required to make networks in the banking industry productive.
Edge Software Services
IT services company, providing enterprise-wide project management, IT resources and customized solutions across the system/software lifecycle.
Associated Software Consultants, Inc.
Developer of loan processing, secondary marketing and risk management software. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles, as well as Novell computers. Products are sold to the banking industry.
Electronic Banking Systems
Provides EFT Software & processing for ACH electronic funds transfer, online credit card processing, online check processing, ATMs, and commerce enabled web hosting.
Fintech Consultants
Specialists in the design and development of industrial strength client/server solutions for the financial services industry.
Suchak Data Systems, Inc.
Comprehensive technology solutions for community banks.
Griffin Grove Consulting
Provides products and services designed to assist in the testing of voucher processing equipment within any financial institution.
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