Credit union software and Banking Guide - Finance Review

XP Systems
Provides a system of integrated software, hardware, and services.
Symitar Systems
System Works Pty Ltd, The
Software for credit and collections that integrates sophisticated multi user contact management, financial tracking with interest, letter series, data import and export, flexible reporting, client billing, credit bureau reporting, and document i.
Myrick Computer Services, Inc.
Developer of credit union management software for medical and dental insurance claims processing. The software runs on Novell and UNIX. Provider of custom applications programming services. Products and services are provided to medical and de.
Casey's Byte Inc
Specializes in the design of database applications and systems that automate financial reporting and analysis as well as systems that access and process 'banking platform' member demographic data.
HRN Management Group
Microbanker Resource
Business-to-business marketplace to buy and sell advanced technologies for banking and commerce. Includes resource books and newsletters.
Online Resources and Communications Corporation
A financial service provider of online banking, bill payment and ecommerce products for banks, credit unions and financial services companies retail online banking and commercial online banking needs.
Financialware, Inc.
Specializes in document management for banks, credit unions, savings and loans, and mutual fund companies.
Electronic Recordkeeping Services, Inc.
CreditUnion2000 combines credit union software with a multi-user computer system to provide a full service credit union solution.
C.U. Processing, Incorporated
Provides financial information systems.
Breen Systems Management, Inc.
Developer of integrated accounting and administrative software; and provider of custom applications software programming services. StoneWorks(tm) is designed for monument retailers and stone manufacturers. FuelWorks(tm) is designed for fuel oi.
Computer Marketing Corp.
Developer of in-house credit union software. The software runs on IBM AS/400 and RS/6000 computer systems. Products are sold to credit unions.
New Vision Marketing, Inc.
Offers marketing, financial tracking, and report generation systems as well as custom software, consulting services and Internet marketing services.
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