Credit union states divisions and Banking Guide - Finance Review

Kansas Banking Department
Regulates all state chartered banks and trust companies, savings and loan companies, mortgage businesses, and money transmitters.
Kansas Department of Credit Unions
Michigan Financial Institutions Bureau
Regulatory agency for financial institutions in Michigan.
Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
Responsible for the supervision of various entities which provide financial services to the citizens of the State of Louisiana.
Missouri Division of Finance
Regulates most state chartered financial institutions.
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Responsible for the primary examination and regulatory supervision of all financial institutions.
Maine Bureau of Banking
Supervises all financial institutions chartered by the State in a manner to maintain and promote safe and sound financial practices.
Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
Serves the public through effective and efficient regulation that promotes consumer confidence and economic growth.
Maryland Division of Financial Regulation
Responsible for licensing and oversight of numerous non-depository and depository institutions and ensure that they comply with all federal and state laws.
Idaho Department of Finance
Regulatory agency charged with the supervision and oversight of financial institutions in Idaho.
North Carolina Credit Union Division
Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate
Protects the public and promotes confidence in the regulated industries through administration of statutory responsibilities in an efficient, professional, and responsive manner.
Iowa Division of Banking
Assure the financial and corporate integrity of the state's banking and consumer credit industries.
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Regulator of the financial services industries.
California Department of Financial Institutions
Enforces the state's banking laws.
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