Database references on hedge funds and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

MAR The global source for alternative investment information
Information source for managed futures investment strategies.
Van Hedge Fund Advisors International, Inc.
Hedge fund information is maintained in data banks which contain information on approximately 4,600 hedge funds.
First e-commerce-enabled site offering access to Tass Plus: hedge fund manager performance database. Also, free Community, commerce and content services to the global hedge fund and alternative investment industry.
Hedge Fund Center
Provides superior, objective educational information on all matters related to hedge funds.
Search, analytical and portfolio management tools to select and evaluate hedge fund investments; network of substantial investors and managers of alternative investment strategies.
Offers hedge fund news and performance.
Hedge Fund Consistency Index
Service which ranks alternative investments, managed futures, commodity trading advisors, managed accounts, derivatives, hedge funds and mutual funds.
La Porte Asset Allocation System
Data provided includes: monthly or quarterly rates of return, dividends and distributions, NAV/share, assets managed.
Hedge Fund News
Communication tool and information resource for the offshore and global hedge funds community.
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