European central bank and Banking Guide - Finance Review

Lithuania - Bank of Lithuania
Czech Republic - Czech National Bank
Central bank of the Czech Republic.
Norges Bank - Central Bank of Norway
State owned institution acting as the Central Bank of Norway.
Russia - Central Bank of the Russian Federation
Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska Narodna Banka)
Croatian National Bank determines the money supply, the general liquidity of banks, maintains general liquidity of payments abroad, issues banknotes and coins and supervise banks in Croatia.
Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia
Central Bank of the Slovak Republic.
Banque de France
Financial institution works with the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) to implement the single monetary policy, foreign exchange policy and international relations. It also works with the ESCB to issue and maintain banknotes and coin, regu.
Bulgaria - National Bank of Bulgaria
Central bank of Bulgaria.
Ukraine - National Bank of Ukraine
Central Bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank)
As the central bank, the Riksbank is responsible for Sweden’s monetary policy, whose objective is price stability.
Belgium - National Bank of Belgium
Central Bank of Cyprus
The Bank's purpose is to foster monetary stability and credit and balance of payments conditions that are conducive to the development of the economy of Cyprus.
Bank of Italy (Banca d'Italia)
Central Bank of Italy whose functions are currency issue, banking and financial supervision, market oversight, safeguarding competition in the credit market, economic and institution analysis, research and study, and jointly with the European Ce.
Switzerland - Swiss National Bank
Malta - Central Bank of Malta
Central Bank of Malta.
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