Funds composed of funds and Asset management Guide - Finance Review
International investment advisor specializing in a broad range of alternative asset investments.
Beacon Global Advisors, Ltd
Specialized global asset management programs, using global asset allocation to maximize investor gains.
Magnum Group
Specializes in identifying world's leading hedge funds and offering investors a range of both single-manager funds and funds of funds (combinations of hedge funds) to choose from.
Zurich Capital Markets
Provider of specialized financial products aimed at managing clients' risks and meeting regulatory requirements.
Aspen Partners, Inc.
Fund managing, including an index and Willowbridge, relies heavily on long-term cycle analysis and key commodity trading advisors.
Password protected information site for fund shareholders.
Jayhawk Capital Management
Hedge fund manager for three separate hedge funds.
Strategic Investment Management
Money manager, asset manager and fund manager offering limited liability, limited partnership investments to institutions and accredited individuals.
T. Young & Company
Management of approximately $60 million in asset allocations in the hedge fund and futures markets.
Saddle River Futures Managed Futures
Provider of managed futures accounts built around commodity trading advisors.
Horizons Investment Funds
Horizons investment funds are designed to complement the traditional buy-and-hold portfolio. The funds make use of hedge strategies to reduce portfolio volatility, and invest in a wide range of assets generally beyond the reach of conventional .
Capital Management Partners, Inc.
Alternative Investment Strategies in managed futures, hedge funds, and special situations funds. Located in Fairfield, Iowa.
LJH Alternative Investment Advisors
Consulting and investment advisory firm providing advice in the area of alternative investments and wealth management.
Managed Futures: Portfolio Diversification Opportunity
Description of managed futures as an alternative investment and the role it plays in portfolio diversification.
Equivest Premier Holdings, Inc.
Equivest Premier Holdings (New York), Inc. is an investment management firm registered in the British Virgin Islands that provides offshore investment-related services to qualified non-U.S. persons, corporations, trusts, etc.
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