Funds responsible socially and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

Ethical Funds, Inc., Canada
Canadian firm offering socially responsible funds based on firm's Ethical Principles - product of a consultative process involving the public, unitholders, and an advisory council.
Development Capital Fund
DEVCAP Shared Return Fund is a socially responsible no-load mutual fund which invests in a portfolio of socially-screened stocks and make a tax-deductible donation of a portion of their investment returns to organizations which fund 'microenterp.
Australian Ethical Investment Trusts
Aquinas Investment Advisers
Approach includes the general guidelines of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) and also reflects issues of social justice that are shared with other religious orders and other denominations for accomplishing positive social chang.
Parnassus Investments
Researches all aspects of a company's operations to determine whether they meet the Funds's social investment criteria and practices a contrarian investment strategy.
Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini & Co. (KLD)
Provides a full range of social investment support services for financial professionals and institutional investors.
Adams, Harkness & Hill
An investment bank that assists in the development of emerging firms. Through its merger with Winslow Asset Management the firm also engages in investment management, with a focus on socially responsible investing.
Green Century Funds
Clean Environment Mutual Funds Ltd.
SAM Sustainability Group
Independent asset management company among the first to specialize in the field of sustainability-driven investments.
New Alternatives Fund
Socially responsible mutual fund emphasizing alternate energy and the environment.
Timothy Plan
Avoids investing in companies that are involved in practices contrary to the company's Judeo-Christian principles. The company offers small-cap value, large- to mid-cap value, fixed-income and money market funds.
Women's Equity Mutual Fund
Invests in public companies that advance the social and economic status of women in the workplace. Based in San Francisco, California.
Calvert Group
Advocate of socially responsible investing, sponsors 'Know What You Own' and offers investors socially and environmentally responsible mutual funds. Calvert’s criteria include standards in the environment, workplace issues, product safety, commu.
Pax World Fund Family
Located in New Hampshire: Balanced and Growth funds purchase the securities of companies engaged in life-supportive activities such as pollution control, education and healthcare activities and exclude the weapons production, tobacco, and alcoho.
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