Hitech and finance service and Technology Guide - Finance Review

Stockgroup.com Holdings
As an Application Solution Provider (ASP), the Company develops custom private labeled financial communities for media, brokerages, and financial services companies.
Mag-Tek, Inc.
Manufacturer of magnetic and check encoders and readers which are sold primarily to financial institutions for processing of magnetic-strip data.
The MegaStock
Works with companies to define strategies and implement innovative ways to build their businesses by combining strategy, Internet technology and marketing communications.
LabMorgan (JP Morgan)
Identifies, implements and invests in global e-finance ideas through four areas of expertise: B2B markets, product innovation, business enablers, reaching new client markets and segments.
FNX Sierra
Provider of trading, risk management and settlement systems for interest rate, foreign exchange, commodity, equity and derivatives trading options.
Indiana Cash Drawer Co.
Manufacturer of both manually-operated and electronically-activated cash drawers. The electronic products connect to personal computer terminals thru point-of-sale software. The products are used in retail applications. The company also distr.
Midas-Kapiti International
Supplier of IT solutions to the banking industry. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Misys plc, UK.
Information products include a range of workstations, web-based applications and digital datafeeds that provide comprehensive market data, in-depth news and powerful analytic tools.
Financial Technology Partners, Inc.
A bank consulting firm specializing in payments - wire/funds/money transfer, with knowledge of Moneynet and IntraNet MTS systems, fedwire, ACH, SWIFT, and CHIPS.
Sun iForce: Fraud Detection Software
Applied Communications Inc (ACI) provides software that facilitates electronic payments, e-commerce, retail banking and fraud detection.
The company's Internet Commerce & Banking Franchise Network provides the technology to sell, export and auction products and services using the e-WebTraders.com marketing technology.
ALLTEL Corporation
Builds information technology solutions for financial services companies, mortgage providers and the telecommunications industry.
Iris Financial Engineering Systems, Inc.
Provides custom systems for trading, risk and portfolio management.
The Banking Network (TBN)
A secure and private network dedicated to enhancing the operational efficiency of financial institutions through new technologies, shared information and cooperative processes.
AccessData Corporation
Ebusiness financial services consulting including Internet strategies, business process analysis, evaluation of product technologies, ASP hosting solutions, implementation of Web-based solutions and e-branding for clients in the financial servic.
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