Incubators and Small business finance Guide - Finance Review

Acquires, develops, and spins-off Internet companies, technologies and Web properties that have the potential to make an impact on the industry.
A full service incubator.
Venturi Group
The primary focus of the Venturi Group, LLC is the identification and management of the startup phase of new healthcare related technology companies.
Taking powerful internet ideas and making them grow.
Provider of strategic services and investments in return for equity in development stage companies with growth potential.
Creates, launches and operates Internet businesses.
Technology company accelerator and incubator, focusing on Internet infrastructure and network security.
Full-service incubator and accelerator focusing on business-to-business financial services, payments and Web infrastructure.
Based in California, technology incubator whose specialty is working with seed and early stage companies.
Knowledge Universe L.L.C.
Parent/holding company with a high-tech unit involved in services, products and materials for education. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Based in California, Internet incubator dedicated to helping entrepreneurs of all ages and stages get on the Web.
Based in Florida, virtual incubator and an investor in digital and technology-related businesses globally.
CoMotion Venture Capital
Incubator focused on funding and nurturing Internet ventures in the northwestern US.
The 'Technology Incubator' was created in order to expedite the launch of technologically innovative companies with internet compatibility.
Phase 1
Based in Maryland, private business incubator designed to encourage early stage growth of Internet-related start-up companies.
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