Investing science and Reference Guide - Finance Review

Investment Strategies for the 21st Century
An online book that gives an investing primer by Frank Armstrong covering topics such as assessing risk, building and managing a portfolio.
The Prudent Speculator: Financial Investing Advice
Offers the #1 rated financial investing newsletter by The Hulbert Financial Digest for total return performance for the past 10 and 20 years.
Contingency Analysis
Provides information on financial risk management. Topics include: value at risk, derivative instruments, credit risk and financial engineering.
Web portal for financial news, information and tools from this large provider of financial information and services.
Wall Street Research Net (WSRN)
Thousands of resources and links to help professional and private investors perform fundamental research on actively traded companies and locate news that moves markets.
Deutsche Bank
Source for economic and financial information including charts, weekly analysis, and numbers.
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