Israel bank and Banking Guide - Finance Review

Israel Postal Authority
Provides information about Israel postal bank services, including money transfers to and from Israel, foreign currency exchange, bill collection services, and on-line services at post offices.
Israel General Bank
Offers a broad array of banking services to its large customers, whether institutional or private.
Bank Otsar Hahayal
Bank based in Israel.
Bank Leumi
Provides online banking services, analysis of Israeli economy, capital markets and currency rates and provides products and services.
Israel Discount Bank
Offers a range of domestic and international banking and financial services for business and personal requirements.
Mizrahi Bank
Israeli bank providing a range of banking and financial services.
Bank of Israel
Governs and regulates banking in Israel.
First International Bank Of Israel LTD. (FIBI)
Israeli bank.
Bank Aravi - Israeli
Israeli bank.
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