Monetary policy of the fed and Banking Guide - Finance Review

The Implementation of Monetary Policy in Industrial Countries
1997 survey of the conduct of monetary policy in industrial countries by the Bank for International Settlements.
Learning and the Complexity of Monetary Policy Rules
Presentation of a multifactor macroeconomic model for monetary policy conduct.
Monetary Policy: Recent Theory and Practice
Paper that reviews the major developments of the last three decades in central banking.
Monetary Rules When Economic Behaviour Changes
Analysis of the implications for a macroeconomic monetary policy rule when economic behavior changes.
Divergences in the Euro Area: A Cause for Concern?
Analysis by the Bank of Finland on the implications of macroeconomic divergences within the euro area for a single monetary policy.
Monetary Policy Operating Procedures in Industrial Countries
Working paper that reviews current monetary policy implementation procedures to highlight similarities and differences across countries.
Monetary Policy With Changing Financial and Labor-Market Fundamentals
Analysis of the Taylor rule and FOMC reaction to changing macroeconomic variables.
Optimal Horizons in Inflation Targeting
Paper that analyzes inflation targeting by the Bank of England.
Testing for the Lucas Critique: A Quantitative Investigation
Examination of the implications for the Taylor Rule of forward-looking agents.
Models and Monetary Policy: More Science Than Art?
Article by the Saint Louis Federal Reserve that discusses the usefulness and limitations of quantitiative models for conducting monetary policy.
The Importance of Systematic Monetary Policy for Economic Activity
Impact of rules-based monetary policy conduct for the real economy.
Are Currency Boards a Cure for All Monetary Problems?
Article by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that presents the limitations of currency boards.
Implications of Uncertainty for Monetary Policy
Paper by the Reserve Bank of Australia that argues for an activist monetary policy in the face of uncertainty regarding macroeconomic variables.
Recent Developments in the Analysis on Monetary Policy Rules
Speech that details the historical development and current implications of rules-based monetary policy.
Currency Boards, Credibility and Macroeconomic Behavior
Working paper by Luis Rivera Batiz and Amadou Sy of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund.
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