Publications on private equity investment and Asset management Guide - Finance Review

International Fund Investment
Magazine on global fund management which identifies money-making opportunities in global markets, with a focus on emerging markets. Acts as a forum for discussion on investment theories.
Journal of Financial Markets
Publishes original research on applied and theoretical issues related to securities trading and pricing. Yale University.
New Ruff Times
Financial advisory newsletter published by Howard J. Ruff, author and financial advisor.
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
Published in conjunction with Bank of America. Covers financial innovations, capital structure, core competencies, global competition, risk management, and incentive compensation.
Financial Management Association Publications
This page lists and describes the association's publications: Financial Management, Financial Practice & Education, Contemporary Finance Digest.
Global Investor
Reports on investment trends in developed and emerging markets across all asset classes together with the business strategies of fund management companies. Provides trenchant analysis of the issues affecting international capital markets.
Emerging Markets Investor
Monthly coverage: interviews with top industry figures, statistical information on top performing funds, comparative valuations and credit ratings, latest moves within the global marketplace.
Financial Analysts Journal
Bimonthly scholarly publication containing articles by leading investment professionals and academics covering developments in the field of investment counseling and management.
Institutional Investor Magazine
Develops the preeminent resource and research tool for the professional investment community. Its features analyze the trends and their implications, and profile the personalities who are the driving force behind finance.
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