References on hedge fonds and Asset management Guide - Finance Review
Communication tool and information resource for the offshore and global hedge funds community. The site provides information on the hedge fund industry at no charge to the investor.
Hedge Fund Alert (subscription)
A newsletter service that reports on important developments in the alternative-investment community.
Source for information and performance for all types of multi-manager, alternative investments.
Hedge Fund: Chapter 7 Global Macro Investing
From Trading Ideas by Dion Friedland, Chairman, Magnum Funds.
Hedge Fund: Chapter 3 The Kingdom of Hedge Funds
From Trading Ideas by Dion Friedland, Chairman, Magnum Funds.
Operates the RR Technology & Growth Fund which is open only to 'accredited' investors. Must register with the company and a password will be issued giving full access to the fund.
Hedge Funds: Welcome to the Club
An introductory article by David Snow on the basics of a hedge fund. Future of the Hedge Fund Industry
Recent developments and implications for the future of the hedge fund industry.
HedgeFund.Net: Due Diligence Guide for Investing in Hedge Funds
A brief overview of the due diligence process investors in hedge funds should follow.
Independent research-based company based in the UK offering a range of asset management, risk analysis, consulting and research services.
H.R. 2924, the Hedge Fund Disclosure Act
Thursday, March 16, 2000 U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities and Government Sponsored Enterprises, Committee on Banking and Financial Services, Washington, DC.
Hedge Fund News
Van Hedge Fund Advisors
Extensive hedge fund information is maintained in data banks which contain information on thousands of hedge funds. Site also displays definitions for users.
CBOE Institutional White Papers: Hedge Funds & Listed Options
Describes just a few of many potential strategies for hedge fund managers and presents an overview of associated regulatory issues.
Hedge World
Investors can access financial news bulletins, updated daily, lists of conferences, and links to a wide variety of financial resources for the alternative investment community.
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