Russia bank and Banking Guide - Finance Review

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Russia - Bank of Russia
Central Bank of The Russian Federation.
Credit-Moscow Bank
Commercial Bank - Center-invest
Directory of banks for all regions, republics, and autonomous units of Russia, Confederation of Independent States and Baltic States.
Moscow Commercial Bank
Official dealer for the Central Bank of Russian Federation in the market for short-term bonds, mediates between Russian investors and US financial institutions, and provides foreign currency transactions, international credit cards.
Specialized state bank of the Russian Federation ensuring centralized foreign economic operations, servicing sovereign foreign debt, granting loans and issuing guarantees on behalf of the government.
Network Oil Bank
Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.
Moscow Interbank Clearing House
Non-bank credit organization established to advance payments between banks.
Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank
Guta Bank
Russian bank.
International Company for Finance and Investments
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