Financial Calculators and Software Guide - Real_estate and Review

CAP'R Income Capitalization Software - Real estate appraisal software, calculates cap rates, yield rates, direct capitalization, and discounted cash flow analysis.
Harvest Time Software
Provides calculations involving projected retirement savings and needs.
AnalyzeToWin Real Estate Investment Software
Analysis Tools and Calculators for real estate investors and home buyers. Offers Return on Investment (ROI), cash flow and sales proceeds analysis for residential rental income properties, vacation or persona
Retirement Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) estimation software for Federal Employees, by Robust Technical Resources.
Monte Carlo simulation software for EIA's
Monte Carlo simulation software for life insurance agents to compare Equity Index Annuities vs. 'market' investments.
Calculates the disallowed losses due to the wash sale rule covered under Internal Revenue Code Sec. 1091(a).
Force10 Software Productions
Calculate the future value of both periodic and lump-sum investments, the beginning value of periodic withdrawals, and generate an amortization table.
AnsurWeb Services
WebFinance Real Estate Edition lets your customers run what-if scenarios to find out mortgage loan related information. Full demo of the program is available on our website.
Real World Financial Software
Retirement and investment software.
Options Calculators with Source
Risk management and options pricing with source code by Ralph Lange.
Interest Rate Swap Calculator
Calculates interest rate swap payments; adjusts payment dates, period end dates, reset dates, and compounding dates; reports comprehensively detailed calculations; and verifies calculation agentís computations.
Margin Account Calculator
Accounting software designed for margined futures traders. Compatible with live data feeds for real time analysis.
Kairosoft Software Home
Sensible Software Solutions - Kairos mortgage design software to aid in the mortgage selection process.
Wheatworks Software
Financial calculators for consumers and professionals in the banking, real estate, mortgage and financial services industries.
Portfolio Survival Simulator
Financial Planning Software that utilizes Monte Carlo simulation and rolling historical modeling techniques to quantify the portfolio survival risk associated with an investor's unique financial planning scenario.
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