Community and Economic Development and Urban Planning Guide - Real_estate and Review

Neighborhood Design Center
A nonprofit organization founded in Baltimore, Maryland by volunteers dedicated to providing urban communities with access to professional, conceptual architectural, landscape, design and planning services.
Development Corporation of Columbia Heights
An independent, non-profit community development corporation (CDC) dedicated to revitalization activities that improve the lives of local residents and business owners in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of W
South Florida Community Development Coalition
Community development corporations and their partners working to revitalize low income neighbhorhoods in Florida.
National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
Not-for-profit organization acting as advocates for, and supporting local community credit unions in over 40 states.
Partnership for Community Development
Collaboration of Hamilton Village and Town government, private industry, educational institutions, and residents to enhance economic opportunity and community vitality in and around Hamilton, New York.
Collaborative Economics
Based in California's Silicon Valley, Collaborative Economics helps public and private leadership groups develop and implement collaborative strategies for creating high-performing economic communities.
The New Rules Project
Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) proposes a set of new rules that builds community by supporting humanly scaled politics and economics.
Neighborhood Communities
Online community resourcing and support center. Helping communities support each other with an emphasis on the non-virtual.
Economic Opportunity Studies
Washington DC is a non-profit corporation performs analyses of a database of Department of Energy data on low-income residential energy consumers about the energy burdens of the poor. Offers training in support of organizati
Irelandís physical, social and enterprise infrastructure
Information and maps on Irelandís physical and social infrastructure. Includes employment and sectoral information on companies supported by the industrial development agencies, plus maps of Irela
Community Development Society International
Association for community development practitioners and citizen leaders around the world.
The ICA Group
Provides consulting services to clients working in, or seeking to start, worker-owned and community-based businesses.
National Neighborhood Coalition
A coalition of non-profit and community based organizations.
National Association of Development Organizations
Provides training, information, networking, and representation for regional development organizations in small metropolitan and rural areas of the United States.
Leland Consulting Group
Real estate strategists with a focus on urban revitalization through implementation strategies, market research, and public-private partnerships.
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