Film music and F Guide - Resources and Review

Aims to centralize Internet resources relating to the genre of film and television music. Includes articles of film and television music critique, opinion, and research, and a selected soundtrack of the week.
Database of information about the composers who write the background scores for films, which some recognise as a source of emotionally engaging, well
crafted music between easy listening and formal concert music. The database contains recording label, number, film title, composer, conductor, and the year the recording was released.
Online magazine of motion picture and television appreciation. Mainly concerned with background music
the instrumental underscores which play an important part in many films.
Includes reviews of film scores by title and year, composer tributes, sheet music, some audio clips, links to fan and company sites.
Cue rundowns and analyses of classic film and television scores by composers including Bernard Hermann, Maurice Jarre and Jerry Goldsmith.
Resources relating to the design of film soundtracks. Includes a glossary of film sound terminology, and a selection of articles relating to soundtracks and their production.
Film and television music publication with current industry news and articles. Includes sections on business, technology, people, events, signings, and projects.
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