Film studies and F Guide - Resources and Review

List of contemporary films made in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan from 1998 onwards. Includes synopses, interviews, educational material, and essays from Asia's leading film journals, and contains images and video clips from selected films. Available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
A national organisation which aims to collect and promote the use of digital data resources to support research and teaching in the performing arts.
Reflection on British film making during the 20th century with information on the most popular 100 productions, based on the opinions of those involved in the industry. Each title is accompanied by date of release, name of director, cast members, and a brief insight into its plot and significance.
Collection of freely available movie information including plot summaries, character names, movie ratings, year of release, running times, movie trivia, quotations, goofs, soundtracks, country of production, genres, production companies, distributors, special effects companies, reference literature, and filming locations.
Gateway to arts and culture information. Headings include Artists, Art Museums, Art Exhibitions, Commercial Arts, Art Education, Art History, Crafts, Dance, Opera, Theatre, Antiques, Architecture, Film and Literature.
A complete list of the 25 US films selected each year since 1988 to be added to the National Film Registry by the National Film Preservation Board. The NFPB is a public advisory group to the Library of Congress which works to ensure the survival, conservation and increased public availability of America's film heritage.
A guide to the resources available for the study of women in cinema. Includes an introductory essay, anthologies and collections, biographical sources, reviews and filmographies, and a bibliography.
Alphabetical set of links to film archives and museums in numerous countries around the world.
Offers original features about horror and science
fiction films, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject-specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Covers classic and modern day horror and science-fiction films, and actors and actresses.
Definitions of film
related terms arranged alphabetically and by categories such as the film itself, camera equipment, types of shots and coverage, sound, editing, and video transfer.
Collection of films viewable using Windows Media Player. Annie Oakley, 26 Men, Bonanza, The Cisco Kid, The Loan Ranger, Rage at Dawn, Cherokee Round
Up, Sky King, and Wildcat are among those available. Also offers sections on stars of western productions, film trivia, and a special feature film which changes every week.
Offers original articles and features about screenwriting, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include audio clips, advice for aspiring screenwriters, education, legal and copyright information, reviews and screenwriting techniques.
Online catalogue of classic and cult films on video, available by mail order. Organised by star, title, country and director.
Summary of hundreds of commercial feature films that refer to librarians or include a library element. Regularly updated. Includes a list of actors and actresses who have portrayed librarians and a short bibliography of articles about librarians in the movies.
BUFVC aims to promote the production, study and use of film and related media in British higher education and research. It was founded in 1948 as the British Universities Film Council. It runs a television recording back
up service on behalf of universities and colleges, and its AVANCE database contains thousands of records of audio-visual materials suitable for degree-level teaching.
Digital film archive, news and events, exhibitions, awards and educational materials about films and the film industry.
Provides a biography, filmography, images, quotes, and a guide to sources of memorabilia pertaining to Marilyn Monroe.
Provides an insight into the make
believe land of Oz created by L. Frank Baum, offering information about books, characters, and places from the stories. Also lists production details of the Oz movies from 1939 to 1979 including The Wizard Of Oz, Return To Oz, Fantasia 3, The Wiz, and Number 13, an experimental film never to be completed or released.
A collection of annotated links to UK film and screenwriting resources. Includes access to a forum for discussion with screenwriters.
Offers original articles and features about classic movies, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include actors, actresses, directors, history of films, reviews and silent films.
Information about the first decade of cinema. Provides details of pioneers including the Lumiere brothers who developed the Cinematographe which led to the opening of the first 'Cinematographe theatres', later to became known as 'cinemas'. Various technologies such as the Zoetrope, Praxinoscope, and the Vitascope are also described.
Includes information on Italian Cinema: Historical Movies, Comedies, Melodramas and Adventures, The First Stars, Italian Cinema in the 1920's and 30's, Realism and Formalism, The Post
War Years and Neo-realism, and Post War Cinema.
Provides a guide to design, film, literature, music, and performing and visual arts, with profiles of individuals involved in each area. Also offers information on specific movements within genres such as fashion design, architecture, American film, literary theory, poetry, international dance, and photography.
Directory of biographical information and photographs of popular character actors. Information is retrievable by browsing a listing of actors' first names or ages, or according to the name of films or TV programmes in which they appeared.
The BBFC is the body responsible for the classification of films and videos for public distribution in the UK. Includes a history of the BBFC, an outline of the classification policy, details of recent decisions, comments on cases of particular public interest, information on submitting works for classification, and a database of works classified by the BBFC, including details of the final classification, the running time of the work, whether or not cuts were made before classification, the distributor of the work, and information on the director and principal cast members.
Detailed reviews of a personal selection of the 200 greatest films, with sections on greatest film quotations and scenes, and a collection of film posters. Almost all are American films.
Organisation which exists to promote greater understanding and appreciation of, and access to, film and moving image culture in the UK. Features information on exhibitions, collections, production and education, and describes the Museum of the Moving Image and the National Film and Television Archive.
Resource offering details of disaster movies, including summary information about films such as Avalanche, Bees, Dante's Peak, Tidal Wave, Airport, Juggernaut and The Poseidon Adventure. Also provides details of actors and producers familiar to the disaster genre, a set of annotated links to related sites, information about the structure of disaster films, and suggestions as to why people like them.
Resource offering an online catalogue of the North West Film Archive's moving image collection, searchable by subject category, or by keyword or phrase. Also features an article documenting research work concerning those with impaired vision and hearing.
Details of the George Eastman Collection, which includes the likes of photographic collections, motion picture collections and technology collections.
Bibliography for film research divided in three parts. Part I lists bibliographies and catalogues, Part II dictionaries, encyclopaedias and guides and Part III film and literature.
Museum situated in Bradford and opened in 1983. Its most popular feature is IMAX, Britain's largest cinema screen. Each IMAX frame is ten times the usual 35mm size. Offers details of museum collections, exhibitions, education programmes, news, events, and cinema listings.
Descriptions and links to high
quality Internet resources covering, film, video, television, animation, multimedia, news, and journalism.
Database indexing over 20,000 audio
visual teaching materials, covering a range of subjects. Reference information about films, video programmes, slides, sound recordings, computer courseware, and interactive multimedia is available.
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