Flowering plants and F Guide - Resources and Review

Information and images of European plants arranged by family, genus and species. Contains over 600 pictures of flowers, mostly of southern Europe.
Information on the flowering plants of Andean South America, presented in English and Spanish. Provides descriptions, photos, and illustrations of flora in specific geographic regions, including Chile, and coastal and Northern Peru. Also features plant checklists for ecoregions such as coastal deserts, montane forests, and inter
Andean valleys.
Information about parasitic plants. Includes relationships of parasitic flowering plants, distribution maps, photographs, molecular data, order and family information.
A large collection of photographic slides of the activities of the Australian National Botanic Gardens and Australian botany. The bulk of the collection consists of identified Australian plant species. It is possible to browse and search images of flowers and leaves from over 80 plant families, from Acanthaceae to Winteraceae.
An automated catalogue of numerous mailing lists relevant to natural history and life sciences, with descriptions and subscription details.
Provides mages of orchids, a history of the plant and the basics of growing orchids.
Society providing information for producers and buyers of sunflowers, and related research, statistics, and publications. Health and bird feeding issues are also covered.
Index to orchid sites, including societies in the UK, USA and Canada, personal pages, events, commercial growers, gardens and a search engine.
A magazine about wildlife in the Arabian peninsula. Includes full text articles on satellite tracking, butterflies, conservation, greater flamingos, the Red Sea, flowers of south
west Saudi Arabia, Arabia's desert mice, and whale research.
Publication offering information on the conservation, culture, identification, and landscape use of exotic and native orchid species. Tables of contents are included, together with a gallery of photographs depicting the Gongora, Maxillaria, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Pleurothallids, Restrepia, and Stanhopea genera.
Descriptions of flowering plants grouped by family such as Aceraceae, Labiatae and Orchidaceae. Includes illustrations, habit, leaf form, anatomy, physiology and taxonomy.
Provided by GardenWeb, an Internet magazine covering gardening, this extensive resource provides links to material such as horticultural resources, plant databases, botanic gardens and museums, and general, international, and US gardening information, as well as various related publications, societies, and associations.
Index of botanical information on the Internet. Resources tend to concentrate on the Texas area with material presented in a variety of formats, and covering a number of topics including specimen, distribution, flowering plants and related species, as well as an extensive vascular plant image gallery.
Index to orchid related news, societies, pictures, botanical gardens and magazines. Topics include hydroponics, pesticide and herbaria.
Educational programs, gardening products, research, and the publication: 'National Gardening Magazine'.
Database of flowering plants typically found in California, with photographs, descriptive information, and details of species' distribution. Resource is navigable by flower colour, common name, Latin name, family, and a geographical map of floralistic California.
Gardening resource providing information about cultivation, propagation, varieties and hybrids. Features material on annuals, bulbs, succulents, fruit, grass, water plants, herbs, spices, houseplants, perennials, shrubs, bushes, trees, vegetables, vines, crawlers and wild flowers. Also includes a dictionary of botanical words, links to botanical gardens, associations, and societies.
Details of a flora picture library containing thousands of photographic transparencies of European wild flora. Only a few pictures are available online, but there is a detailed list of common and Latin names for thousands of wild plants, divided into trees and shrubs, grasses, sedges and rushes, water plants, ferns and fern allies, flowers, and habitats.
Searchable collection of rose names, classes, photographs, public and private gardens, FAQs, and a glossary. Also publishes a monthly magazine on roses.
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