Food education and F Guide - Resources and Review

profit organisation which aims to save infant lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding. Offers information on campaigns, news and membership.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to dietetics.
Set of facts about some popular fast foods and healthy living, to encourage healthier choices.
Database of journal articles relating to health education and health promotion, with a bulletin detailing additions to the database within the last two months. Topics covered include alcohol, bereavement, cancer, food hygiene, heart disease, mental health, pregnancy, occupational health, and smoking.
Collection of material relating to nutrition, food safety, and dietary guidelines in the US. Offers statistics, fact sheets, newsletters, press releases, and information about research centres and projects. Also provides details of nutrition over the life cycle and includes an online booklet with shopping tips for those on a tight budget, along with menu suggestions for two weeks worth of meals.
Offers advice on achieving a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Includes specific sections for teenagers, children, pregnant women, and men, as well as giving information on how to interpret food labels and tips for eating out.
Food hygiene resource providing guidance on how to prepare, cook, and store foodstuffs safely. Includes classroom materials, recipe suggestions, and tips on eating out. A 'disaster area' encourages users to share culinary mishaps.
Alerts about food products online.
Food news, storage and preparation tips on fruit, vegetables, herbs, and nuts, information on nutritional and health benefits of a range of produce, and a selection of recipes. Users are given the opportunity to ask questions online which will be answered by an expert from the Produce Marketing Association.
An information service for all matters relating to fresh fruit and vegetables. The Bureau's main message is to encourage people to eat the recommended minimum of five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
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