Indexing and I Guide - Resources and Review

Directory including detailed sections on print or back of the book indexing, archival material, databases, software, special formats, manual indexers, information retrieval, the World Wide Web, and professional associations.
Directory of articles, bibliographies, periodicals and mailing lists dealing with cataloguing of the Internet.
Article discussing the notion that different people use different terms or phrases to access the same information. An approach is presented which recognises that one concept may be represented by several different terms, many concepts may be represented by a single term, and that concepts may overlap.
Information about the British and Irish professional body which exists to promote indexing, the quality of indexes and the profession of indexing.
Project which aims to develop indexing services, user tools, and metadata element sets in order to promote the use and exploitation of metadata on the Internet.
The ASI is devoted to the advancement of indexing, abstracting and database construction. The site provides information about the ASI, its purpose, objectives and membership and includes information about indexing, conferences, workshops, and links to other resources relevant to indexing and indexers.
Provides guidelines for the content, organisation, and presentation of indexes used for the retrieval of parts of, and entire, documents. It deals with the principles of indexing, regardless of the type of material, the method used (intellectual analysis, machine algorithm, or both), the medium of the index, or the method of presentation for searching. It emphasises three processes essential for all indexes; comprehensive design, vocabulary management, and the provision of syntax. Definitions of indexes are included, together with recommendations regarding their design. Available in PDF only.
This technical report provides rules for the alphabetical arrangement of headings in lists of all kinds, such as bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, directories, and inventories. It also covers the sorting of Arabic or Roman numbers, and other symbols. Seven rules are given to cover problems which may arise in alphanumeric arrangements of headings, but the report does not address issues concerning the meaning or type of headings. Available in PDF only.
Pointers to a collection of software tools, reports and guidelines developed by DESIRE to aid Internet resource discovery, intended for anyone interested in creating a strategy for Internet cataloguing and indexing.
Paper describing a project to investigate the feasibility of setting up a large
scale distributed indexing service for searching Web-based research information, and of providing a unified interface for users through the use of different standards and protocols.
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