Information management in business and I Guide - Resources and Review

Article focusing on aspects of information retrieval including automatic extraction of key concepts or names, collaborative filtering, visualisation techniques, and classification and clustering. Topics are discussed in relation to information retrieval history and the development of the Web.
Professional association representing information brokers across Europe and promoting cooperation between them.
Gateway to a collection of knowledge management resources, each of them annotated and evaluated. Covers articles, case studies, developments in knowledge deployment, and the latest news. Also provides links to selected articles from knowledge management journals and online magazines.
Set of links to contemporary business, management and information technology issues, including hundreds of full text articles and papers, magazines and journals, case studies and tools. Topics include business process re
engineering, knowledge management, organisational learning, complex systems and chaos, intranets, virtual corporations, outsourcing, electronic markets and electronic commerce.
Monthly Web based magazine for competitive intelligence and strategic planning professionals. Access is subscription based, and an initial two month free trial period is available.
Article discussing the value of competitive intelligence for strategic planning, its relation to knowledge management, and the effectiveness of related processes such as analysis and distribution. Steps involved in the cycle of competitive intelligence are outlined.
Access to knowledge management materials including a virtual library, online discussion forum, papers, articles, books and bibliographies.
Columns and features from the magazine for managers of business
critical applications and data. Includes an archive of articles from past issues, browsable by date or subject.
Actively promotes best practice in the management of information resources, represents its members and lobbies on all aspects of the management of and legislation concerning information at local, national and international levels.
Set of annotated links to online courses, course descriptions, tutorials, assignments, tests and other materials used in the teaching of management information systems.
Collection of resources on various topics in business statistics useful to MBA students, including hypothesis testing, normal distribution, correlation, analysis of variance, and predicting market response.
Index of resources dealing with aspects of knowledge management. Includes articles, white papers, interviews, discussion forums, press releases and a knowledge management bibliography.
List of resources on knowledge management, which is a systematic approach to managing and leveraging an organisation's knowledge asset. Organised into books, articles, journals and reports.
Online course intended to provide decision makers and analysts with tools that provide a logical structure for understanding problems as well as mathematical techniques for solving problems. Topics and links cover the methodology of management science (operational research), optimisation, linear programming, decision analysis and formulation of network problems.
Guide to information on analysis of competitors and markets, intelligence gathering, and internal monitoring of competition.
Summarises the principal findings of research that sought to provide a comprehensive understanding of the environmental scanning process. The purpose of the study was to investigate how managers in the Portuguese chemical industry scan their environment for information, what are the contextual factors that affect this activity, and also how managers' perceptions of environmental change affect the strategic change they implement.
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