Information management in libraries and I Guide - Resources and Review

Library Link aims to provide information for those employed or researching in the field of librarianship or information management. Links are provided specifically for those providing library service, and for those managing libraries or continuing education.
Abstracts and full text of papers given at the 1998 IATUL Conference in Pretoria, South Africa, on 1
5 June 1998. Topics include library purchasing consortia, information literacy, benchmarking knowledge management, faculty publishing productivity, performance measurement in libraries and information services, and using the Internet to support lifelong learning.
Supplier of information management products including the Windows
based Libero library management system, Ultra*Net CD-ROM networking system, and LaserFiche document imaging system.
Proceedings of the Ninth Australasian Information Online and On Disc Conference and Exhibition, held in Sydney Australia, January 1999. Many of the papers reflect the challenges of managing information. Issues include access and rights, sustaining sites, improving access via gateways, verification and authentication, search engines and directories, integration with existing library information systems, and using the technology of the Internet in tasks such as serving remote library users.
Collaboration between Gloucestershire Libraries, Croydon Libraries, UKOLN and EARL aiming to put together a strategy for networking community information between library authorities.
Electronic training journal for research in information management, focusing on the techniques and technologies surrounding the production, maintenance and distribution of electronic texts.
Controlled vocabulary for indexing articles, cataloguing books, and for searching MeSH
indexed databases, including MEDLINE. Provides a consistent way of retrieving information which uses different terminology for the same concepts, in all subjects relating to medical science.
Set of guidelines to assist libraries to develop web sites and select information for them. Compiled by the Australian Libraries Gateway team, based on feedback from users and experience gained from managing WWW sites.
Information about a range of training courses run by Aslib, The Association for Information Management. Details course features, skills acquired upon completion, and provides online booking forms. Areas covered include library and information management skills, knowledge management portfolio, general management and communication skills, sources of official information, business information, information management technology, and Internet skills.
Index of resources dealing with aspects of knowledge management. Includes articles, white papers, interviews, discussion forums, press releases and a knowledge management bibliography.
Brief discussion of what constitutes a digital library, the effects of technology on the role of the librarian, and technology
based attempts at information access. Concludes that librarians and technologists need to work together in the development of digital libraries.
Index to online resources classified by country in the fields of information policy, community networking, copyright and intellectual property and the information society.
Centre established to undertake research with a practical focus to support operational work in all kinds of library and information services. Contains information on publications, funding and projects.
Online journal which publishes papers on the management, presentation and uses of information in digital environments. Themes include digital information design, digital libraries, hypermedia systems, information management, intelligent agents, interfaces to digital information, and social consequences. Access to peer
reviewed papers is free but requires registration.
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