International trade and I Guide - Resources and Review

Civil society organisation aiming to increase government accountability and curb both national and international corruption. Features a study on bribe
paying in international trade, and country listings based upon the involvement of companies in bribe enforcement abroad, and in terms of the perception of corruption amongst public officials and politicians. Also offers a guide to multinational anti-corruption programmes in Central and Eastern Europe.
Resources examining how the liberalisation of trade, by reducing tariff and non
tariff barriers between trading countries, affects women around the world. Includes an alphabetically arranged glossary of terms and acronyms associated with trade liberalisation, a situational analysis of trade liberalisation and women, details of the United Nations Development Fund for Women's work on trade, and a database of relevant books and articles.
Backed by the Department of Trade and Industry, TradeUK is a business directory aimed at those wanting to conduct business with British companies. Includes an events diary, news and government contact information.
Collection of links to resources regarding to trade to and from India. A directory of Indian importers is featured, together with listings of exporters from India and overseas. Also provides information on global transport and cargo movement, and a listing of the top 1000 Indian companies.
Collection of links to research materials, news and periodicals, and trade information pertaining to international business. Offers outlines of the political structure, economic climate, history, and statistical data for more than 180 countries, and also features a glossary of business terms used worldwide.
Set of five books of economic analysis, published in 1776.
UK government organisation which brings together the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department of Trade and Industry in support of British trade and investment overseas.
The IATP is an organisation which aims to promote environmentally and economically sustainable communities and regions through sound agriculture and trade policy. Includes information on the IATP projects and publications, and sections on trade, agriculture, and the environment.
Created to promote international monetary cooperation; to facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade; to promote exchange stability; to assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments; to make its general resources temporarily available to its members experiencing balance of payments difficulties under adequate safeguards; and to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of disequilibrium in the international balances of payments of members. Includes full text of working papers.
Offers original articles and features about global business, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events.Topics include Asia, banks, contacts and trade leads, currency exchange, the energy industry, farming, imports and exports, insurance, legal resources, taxation, travel and tourism, transport and UN resources. Also includes indexes of business links for Africa, Central Europe, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan and Pakistan.
World Trade Organisation report finding that the liberalisation of trade helps poor countries to catch up with rich ones. Discusses trade, growth, and disparity among nations, the connection between trade and poverty, income, economic growth, taxes and spending, and price changes and the transmission of shocks. Report is available in English, French, and Spanish in PDF format.
Global organisation dealing with the rules of trade between nations. Includes an interactive training package on the work of the WTO, answers to common questions, news, official documentation, and guides to trade issues such as intellectual property, GATT, and competition policy.
The Institute of Export aims to enhance the export performance of the United Kingdom by setting and raising professional standards in international trade management and export practice. It provides information on education and training, export vacancies and industry news.
Outlines the trade agenda of the Bush administration, and reports on trade policy and activity during 2000. Includes information on the activities of the World Trade Organisation, and covers topics such as regional and bilateral negotiations, and trade enforcement activities. Report is presented as a series of PDF documents.
A collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, population and demography.
Provides reports on sectoral and trade barriers worldwide. Material can be browsed by industry such as shipbuilding, financial services, electronics, telecommunications, agriculture, fisheries, and tourism, by measure including general trade policy, tariff and non
tariff barriers, business services, IPR related issues, and investment, or by country.
A collection of over 450 trade and environment case studies organised by region or date. Studies include Mexican deforestation in the Sierra Madre, Haiti sanctions, the role of trade in transmitting the Black Death and UK nuclear fuel reprocessing.
Provides information useful in doing business with Argentina, including commercial and investment opportunities, import procedures, travel, industry reviews and information on government contracts.
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to commerce and trade.
Offers qualitative and quantitative observations on the state of regulation and market structure in OECD member countries. Covers product market regulations including state control of business enterprises, barriers to international trade and investment, and sector
specific structures in telecommunications, transportation, electricity supply, and retail distribution. The database must be downloaded before use, and both Microsoft Access and Excel versions are available.
Examines the possible impact of international trade treaties on libraries around the world. Features contributions from the Canadian and American Library Associations, and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.
Tables of contents from this journal which concentrates on monetary theory, fiscal policy, labour economics, planning and development, micro and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organisation, the history of economic thought, and social economics.
Annual time
series data on production, imports, exports and apparent consumption, all in physical units of selected manufactured products. Requires registration.
For researchers and business people who want to research free trade and NAFTA issues online. The CSWHT page features a statistical database, IT
IS, which searches imports/exports for 42 countries; trade publications; funded research projects and a contact list of trade experts.
Report of a study assessing the state of knowledge about gender inequality and trade, informing the development of policy in this area, and identifying areas for future policy relevant research. Reviews existing research on gender and trade, and provides case studies for Ghana, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Jamaica. PDF.
The Economist is an established source of current information. The complete contents of the weekly newspaper are available online each week, offering articles on national and international current affairs, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the arts.
United States Council for International Business.
The Economist is an established source of current information. The complete contents of the weekly newspaper are available online each week, offering articles on national and international current affairs, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the arts.
Examines the history of the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie), which was granted a monopoly on trade in the East Indies in 1602 to prevent other European nations trading in the area. Includes annotated links to data relating to the VOC, and information on church, school and punishment in the Indies. Information is available in English and Dutch.
Contains time series which provide information on the balance of payments for numerous countries and geographical areas, mostly from the mid
1970's to the present. Topics covered include transactions in goods, sources, and income between an economy and the rest of the world, changes of ownership and other changes in that country's monetary gold.
Official information from the DTI, which aims to increase UK competitiveness and scientific excellence, and generate sustainable growth, good jobs, and opportunities.
Focuses on commercial and international trade law, covering subjects such as contracts, customs, free trade, insolvency, jurisdiction, procurement, and sale of goods. Treaties, model laws, and country implementation details are offered for each subject.
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