Internet caching and I Guide - Resources and Review

Describes the design of a web caching system, outlining the benefits and disadvantages of the cache approach. Includes information on cache server software, clients, cache location, cache meshing and policy issues.
The National JANET Web Caching Service offers an introduction to Web caching, advice on configuring browsers and setting up Web cache servers, as well as details of how to use the service.
Scientific journal which publishes original research papers in all aspects of computer science, including modular software development, object
oriented analysis and formal specification, robot control, and Web caching, mirroring, and searching. Abstracts and full text available online, in English.
Describes the operation of the NSF prototype Web
cache hierarchy, focusing on the administrative requirements for configuring and tuning a cache for best performance in a global hierarchy.
Paper which outlines the principles of a 'smart caching' system, which combines the strengths of mirrors and caches to reduce access time by modelling the access pattern of files, and attempting to fetch files before they are requested by a client.
Paper describing three pilot projects carried out by the JANET Web Cache Service, aiming to develop or enhance existing software and publish the results, which consist of three packages: LSD, a Web cache 'appliance', NAPI, a network monitoring kit, and DOH, which integrates URNs and established FTP mirrors into the emerging Web cache infrastructure.
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