Internet infrastructure and I Guide - Resources and Review

International industry consortium founded in 1994 to develop common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web.
Major supplier of television, telecommunications and Internet services in the UK. Offers company information and details of cable modems, cable telephony, cable TV, carrier services, Internet services, radio communications, satellite services, terrestrial TV, Internet TV, virtual Internet service providers, voice and wireless networks.
Project aiming to promote the evolution and interoperability of Internet resources by researching the structure, size, content, and usage of the Web. Features the text of relevant publications and presentations, W3C drafts, and the latest statistical findings.
The National JANET Web Caching Service offers an introduction to Web caching, advice on configuring browsers and setting up Web cache servers, as well as details of how to use the service.
A guide to some typical issues that arise when using a modem in different countries. It includes a table of telephone plugs used worldwide, ways to deal with hard wired phone systems, and how to handle special situations like digital phones and tax impulses.
First Monday is a monthly peer
reviewed academic journal about the Internet. It aims to follow the political and regulatory regimes affecting the Internet, examine the use of the Internet on a global scale, analyse research and development of Internet software and hardware, study the use of Internet in specific communities and report on standards.
Scientific journal which publishes original research papers in all aspects of computer science, including modular software development, object
oriented analysis and formal specification, robot control, and Web caching, mirroring, and searching. Abstracts and full text available online, in English.
Provides resources which document Internet expansion throughout Latin America. Offers full text articles and research reports, statistics profiling Internet hosts, infrastructure and cable TV subscriptions, basic networking statistics for each of the 17 Latin American countries, and access to resources such as commercial portals and network information centres.
Daily news and information on devices other than desktop or notebook computers which connect to IP networks, including handheld computers, smart phones and televisions.
Details of the conference program, video recordings of presentations, and proceedings in HTML, PDF or Word 97 format, with PowerPoint slides. Proceedings cover Content Creation and Learning in Virtual Universities, Modern High
Speed Access and Next Generation Local Infrastructure, Remote Virtual Reality, Internet QoS, Telematics for Research, Digital Libraries and Networked Information Resources, High-Speed Networks, Web tools, Charging Mechanisms, AUP, Control and Authorization, Photonic Networks and IP Telephony.
US project aiming to establish a networked community that will be able to exchange information in far richer ways and with far less delay and risk than at present on the Internet.
Journal reviewing communications technology including networks, the Internet, intranets, electronic mail, cellular and satellite systems. Full text of articles available online from 1994 onwards.
Magazine covering aspects of the digital revolution, such as the future of libraries, Internet security and privacy, and technical developments.
Offers original articles and features about the Internet industry, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include associations, business issues, broadcasting, domain registration, electronic commerce, history of the Internet, innovations, legal resources, news resources, online journals, reference services and trading, trade fairs and statistics.
A guide to network engineering for non
professionals who use computer networks in their place of work. Includes sections on common networking mistakes, tips and tricks and advanced engineering. Also includes a free online monthly newsletter.
Information for networking and IT professionals, covering subjects such as remote access and constructing networks with NetWare and Windows NT Server.
Documents changes to be made to the SuperJANET network due to the regionalisation of education, advances in technology, and the ever expanding user base. Describes the process and requirements of building the network, and offers an events listing and an archive of news bulletins.
Article discussing a wireless technology standard called Bluetooth, whose original conception was as a means to link printers, monitors, keyboards, and other peripheral devices to the CPU. Its scope is now thought to be considerably greater and this paper discusses its possible integration into libraries, as well as potential problems associated with the device.
Project involving over 150 member universities who are developing the advanced network applications and engineering that is intended to accelerate the availability of new services and applications on the Internet.
Access to the full text of papers and articles from DANTE, a computer network services company which serves the European research community. Papers are available in HTML and PostScript, or can be ordered in paper format. Titles include The Future of the Communications Business in the 21st Century, What Does the Superhighway Mean for Business, and EU Networking Projects in the Humanities.
Group for professionals from industry, academia and government organisations with an interest in Internet technologies and related behavioural phenomena, including web browsers, behavioural and sociological phenomena associated with distributed network communication and technological innovation, and human factors in electronic commerce.
Guide to Internet servers and platforms. Features downloads, ratings, and reviews of a wide range of web, mail, news, telnet, and FTP servers.
Monthly newsletter focusing on the policy and technology complexities of the infrastructure of the commercial Internet. It examines the activities of the larger service providers, as well as federal and state policies.
Offers a listing of companies providing Web hosting services in the UK. Entries are arranged in categories including budget hosting, ISPs, specialist hosts, domain names, and Unix platforms, with a brief description of the activities of each company.
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