Internet news and I Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the Internet and the Web covering its invention, usage, importance, security, email, chat, Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, and multi
user dimensions. Access to news services such as Wired News and Yahoo Internet Report is provided.
A collection of information, official and otherwise, for Usenet readers within the UK. Includes a complete list of newsgroups within the uk.* hierarchy and their charters, guidelines on uk.* newsgroup names, instructions for newsgroup creation within the uk. * hierarchy, and details of voting procedures.
Daily news and information on devices other than desktop or notebook computers which connect to IP networks, including handheld computers, smart phones and televisions.
Archive of monthly newsletters documenting recently released electronic journals and general Internet news. An option to receive full text of the newsletter or the table of contents via email is given.
Monthly magazine that analyses industry issues and products for companies that use the Internet as an integral part of their business.
Monthly newsletter which aims to raise awareness of new sources of information on the Internet, particularly those relevant to academic research interests.
Company which provides MUD2, a version of the original MUD from 1985. Offers online support materials as well as details of products and MUD links.
Online version of the Computing and technology news magazine., Includes the latest news, commentary and special reports.
Regularly updated reviews of Internet search engines and reports on new developments. It also provides guidance for Web searchers and for those who want to make sure their own Web pages are well indexed.
Daily information technology news arranged by subject, including hardware, Apple, Internet, Java and Microsoft.
Online magazine and information resource intended for creative and technical people who are intent on mastering the World Wide Web. Includes brief guides and summaries to new technologies, products and developments.
Weekly magazine that covers all aspects of the Internet and interactive technology. Includes selected articles from the print edition, and the latest news and comment.
Selection of news articles about computer and communications technology, with special attention to commerce on the Internet. Includes highlights of recent issues, features and FAQs.
Selective links to useful tools intended to assis effective use of the Internet. Includes sections on Web tools, Internet publications, searching the Internet, and an end users corner. The goal of Net
Newsletters is to combine in one place the best of the regularly published electronic newsletters for those who want to keep up to date with various aspects of Internet development and technology. Users can choose to subscribe to the mailing list, which sends two or more newsletters together in digest format, or browse the Web site for current or past postings.
Online publication providing Internet news, articles and details of resources and services on topics such as education, retail, manufacturing, health care, e
business, systems and management, and network infrastructure.
Offers Internet research news, including information about software and technology. Also features a selection of articles about Internet research and some useful search tips.
An index to news articles from computer related publications.
Frequently updated computing and Internet news, with sections about browsers, games, software, media and web site management.
News and analysis of events shaping the Internet industry in the UK and abroad.
Offers original articles and features about the Internet industry, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include associations, business issues, broadcasting, domain registration, electronic commerce, history of the Internet, innovations, legal resources, news resources, online journals, reference services and trading, trade fairs and statistics.
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