Internet regulation - access control and I Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the campaign to protect and promote fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech and the right of privacy on the Internet. Offers news, resources and articles on issues such as free speech, privacy, cryptography and access to information.
Details of the conference program, video recordings of presentations, and proceedings in HTML, PDF or Word 97 format, with PowerPoint slides. Proceedings cover Content Creation and Learning in Virtual Universities, Modern High
Speed Access and Next Generation Local Infrastructure, Remote Virtual Reality, Internet QoS, Telematics for Research, Digital Libraries and Networked Information Resources, High-Speed Networks, Web tools, Charging Mechanisms, AUP, Control and Authorization, Photonic Networks and IP Telephony.
Sponsored by the European Commission, this resource aims to tackle the controversial issue of illegal, harmful, and racist content on the Internet. Encourages awareness of the problem, discusses filtering and rating systems, and offers an email based newsletter. Available in English, French, and German.
Information about censorship and the Internet. Includes news and articles.
Desinged as a guide for Librarians and professionals in education sectors, who wish to provide Internet access for young people, as well as promoting the positive aspects of the Internet as an educational resource. Approaches issues of pornography, censorship, freedom of information, and the implementation of an Internet acceptable use policy in schools and libraries.
Documents about and links to material dealing with the question of Internet regulation and control (which many refer to as censorship).
UKERNA manages the operation and development of the JANET networks, on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK higher education funding councils. Includes information on JANET services, naming domain administration, JANET connections policy, fault reporting, directory services, Usenet News, JANET National Dial
up Service, and a collection of computer security documents and tools.
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