Internet regulation - domains and I Guide - Resources and Review

Complete list of all two
letter ISO (International Organization for Standardization) country codes, as used in Internet domain names.
Full text report from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a group established to promote the protection, dissemination and use of intellectual property throughout the world. The report addresses various issues raised as a result of WIPO's management of the Internet domain name system. Includes a PowerPoint slide show providing a summary of the report.
Details of how to register Internet domain names in the UK, with a search option to find out whether specific domain names are already registered, in the UK or worldwide.
The Domain Survey attempts to discover every host on the Internet by doing a complete search of the Domain Name System. Results are published every six months, in January and July.
Nominet UK is responsible for the registration and maintenance of all .uk domain names on the Internet, which was previously handled by UKERNA.
Offers original articles and features about the Internet industry, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include associations, business issues, broadcasting, domain registration, electronic commerce, history of the Internet, innovations, legal resources, news resources, online journals, reference services and trading, trade fairs and statistics.
The InterNIC is a cooperative activity between the National Science Foundation, Network Solutions and AT&T. It supports registration and Net Scout services.
UKERNA manages the operation and development of the JANET networks, on behalf of the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK higher education funding councils. Includes information on JANET services, naming domain administration, JANET connections policy, fault reporting, directory services, Usenet News, JANET National Dial
up Service, and a collection of computer security documents and tools.
Group responsible for IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions in the US. Provides access to corporate policies, calendar of events, notes and minutes of meetings and advisory committees.
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