Intranet development and I Guide - Resources and Review

Large, searchable index of resources about Intranet development, including original documents and lists of news, events, mailing lists, online demonstrations.
Journal reviewing communications technology including networks, the Internet, intranets, electronic mail, cellular and satellite systems. Full text of articles available online from 1994 onwards.
Extensive directory of computing and Internet resources, including computer publications, companies, Internet and computer law, and an electronic commerce resource centre.
weekly magazine offering news, reviews and articles about intranet development and technology.
Case studies on the development and use of intranets, with stories from Harley
Davidson, Ford, Sun Microsystems and Netscape. Provides access to additional intranet resources including design strategies, journals, book reviews, seminars and answers to frequently asked questions.
Numerous links to resources about the economics of the Internet, information goods, intellectual property and related issues such as security, privacy and cryptography.
Annotated links to numerous online resources about intranets, including introductory guidance, implementation issues, industry and company case studies.
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