Inventions and I Guide - Resources and Review

Interactive educational resource, which explores the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. Covers his influence as an inventor and scientist, as well as his place in renaissance art, and his career in Milan, Florence, Rome, and lastly, France. Additional resources include a teachers' guide, a glossary of terms, a list of Internet sources, and a bibliography.
An archive of over 350 questions from readers of the New Scientist magazine, with answers submitted by readers. There are nine categories of question, including plants and animals, around the house, gadgets and inventions, and the physical world.
A collection of motion pictures, disc sound recordings, photographs, advertisements, and magazine articles made by Thomas Edison and his companies. The history of Edison's inventions is traced, as well as focusing on the life of the inventor with a timeline of significant events. Motion pictures are available in either MPEG or Quicktime format.
Database of all US patents since 1974. Full text viewing requires a subscription charge but an abstract database with front page information of all U.S. patents is offered free of charge.
Provides information about famous inventors who are selected by a committee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also gives links to other sites concerning the inventors mentioned.
Hosts a collection of unusual inventions that have been patented in both Britain and internationally, with special attention being given to the prolific British inventor Arthur Paul Pedrick, whose creations include a mechanism to control the spin of a golf ball and a horse
powered car. Also provided is a section dealing with the more serious issues connected to patents.
Through the issue of patents, USPTO encourages technological advancement by providing incentives to invent, invest in, and disclose new technology worldwide. Offers online access to a range of general reference documents, directories, and data collections.
A collection of correspondence, scientific notebooks, journals, blueprints, articles, and photographs documenting Bell's invention of the telephone and his involvement in the first telephone company. Information about his family life, his interest in the education of the deaf, and his aeronautical and other scientific research is included.
Provides bibliographic data on patents, an image of the applications' first page, a description of the invention, claims, and a diagram of the product. Searches can be conducted for UK, European, worldwide and Japanese patents, and for patents from other European countries.
Offers information on technical innovation in western Europe during the Middle Ages. Offers a subject index of inventions, together with a timeline covering developments between the years 500 and 1600 AD.
Online exhibition of annotated images depicting early inventions such as woven cloth, earth fired pottery, eyeliner, olive oil soap, Aztec calendar wheels, candles, Archimedes' Screw, the abacus, stained glass, the battery, and the compass.
Collection of annotated links to patent and invention resources for engineers, lawyers, manufacturers, and small businesses. Covers patent searching, invention groups, government agencies, international inventors, journals, chat groups, and magazines. Resource is keyword searchable.
Online version of Inventors World magazine, with full text articles about inventions old and new, product news, questions and answers about patents, trade marks, European patents, and other intellectual property issues.
American inventors and information related to past and current inventors, with biographical sketches covering their accomplishments and their impact upon society.
A full text database with information on US patents. Includes an abstract describing each product, inventor's name, date filed, claims and description. Searches may be conducted manually, using Boolean text or by entering a patent number. A bibliographic database of patents is also provided to facilitate searching of front page information, and a list of withdrawn patent numbers is given.
Documents and images examining the life and works of Nikola Tesla (1856
1943), inventor of the AC motor, radio transmission, neon and fluorescent lighting, and remote control. He is also credited with being the vision behind harnessing the power of Niagra Falls. This resource also discusses significant events following Tesla's death and provides access to document samples taken from his FBI file.
Searchable database of 120 entries about 20th century scientists and their stories and discoveries, divided into five main subject areas: physics and astronomy, human behaviour, medicine and health, earth and life sciences, and technology.
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