Irish archaeology and I Guide - Resources and Review

Directory of Irish arts, culture, and environment resources. Topics covered include Irish literature, music, architecture, history, folk culture, archaeology, the Irish language, and genealogy. Brief descriptions of each resource are provided.
Tables of contents for the annual journal on the history and archaeology of County Tipperary. Recent journal themes include The Great Famine 1845
1852 and The Young Ireland Rising 1848.
Extensive directory containing the names and addresses for publishers of serials, books, reports, and pamphlets that have been included in the British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography since 1992.
Article on archaeology in Prehistoric and Early Christian Ireland, covering food and farming, implements, artwork and manuscripts.
News, publications, and information on Ireland's archaeology, waterways, architecture, museums, education, and wildlife.
Archaeological research programme to study human life in Ireland from earliest times. Explores the problems of human settlement in the late prehistoric period, focusing on areas such as Tara, North Munster, Western Stone Forts, and the Ballyhoura Hills.
Article about the history, purpose and construction of Irish stone forts, focusing on those in the Aran Islands, Galway Bay.
List of over 40 Irish archaeology and history journals, providing descriptions, bibliographic information, and some contents and abstracts.
Project to publish a biannual printed guide to British and Irish archaeology publications. Offers access to a database containing references to material published from 1695 to 1991.
Information about projects, submissions, and purpose of the Heritage Council, and a guide to Irish archaeological sites.
Email addresses of professional archaeologists and postgraduate students working in, or doing research into, Irish archaeology.
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