Irish history and I Guide - Resources and Review

Gives a timeline of the history of Ulster from prehistory to the present. Also provides short biographies of famous Ulster characters, historical and modern, a list of placenames and their meanings.
Database of Parliamentary papers relating to Ireland between the Act of Union in 1801 and partition in 1922. Includes bibliographic information, Library of Congress subject descriptors and abstracts of contents for a selection of items.
Highlights key events in the social, cultural, and political history of Ireland from the 1600s to the 1900s. In addition, notable Irish births and deaths for each year are listed.
Offers government papers covering topics such as foreign affairs, agriculture, and law, a selection of research guides on subjects including the Irish famine, medieval Irish plea rolls, and the rebellion of 1798, and information about the transportation of Irish emigrants to Australia between 1791
1868. A section on the Irish language, written in Gaelic, is also featured.
Collection of views of the Irish tragedy from the Illustrated London News, the Cork Examiner, the Pictorial Times, Punch and the narrative Oxford to Skibbereen.
Outlines the plight of the Irish during the 'Great Hunger' of 1845 to 1850, discussing the penal laws, racism, and mass evictions that led to the tragedy, and detailing mortality rates and emigration statistics and conditions.
Project which aims to develop a collaborative multimedia database of resources relevant to teaching and research on the Northern Ireland conflict. The CAIN server holds resources specific to the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' held within the partner institutions, elsewhere in the region, and in other countries. The CAIN Project is also a gateway to more general network resources on ethnic conflict.
Collection of links to resources relating to Irish historical, literary, and cultural studies. Categories include archaeology, Celtic studies, Irish Diaspora, nationalism, unionism, and loyalist agendas.
Selection of articles and postgraduate theses with a strong emphasis on Irish history.
Organisation which covers the whole of Ireland and traces family histories. It is the coordinating body for government
approved genealogical research centres in Ireland.
Collection of documents about the history of Ireland. Topics include general Irish history, republican history, genealogy, famine, unionist history and Northern Ireland history.
Collection of material relating to the Celtic people and culture. Provides access to an encyclopaedia of Celtic terms, manuscripts and texts, a book and music store, and information about the modern Celts, gods and myths, heroes and history, and artisans.
Image collection depicting Celtic art and cultures from several European countries, together with maps, timelines, a glossary, and quizzes. Topics include Hallstatt Elite Burials, Celtic High Crosses, and Irish Monasteries.
Directory of Irish resources covering a wide range of topics including arts, business, education, government, history, and music.
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