Italian history and I Guide - Resources and Review

Outlines the 'dolce stil novo' Italian literary movement, describing its development and important writers of the time including Alighieri, Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Lorenzo De'Medici, Da Vinci and Alberti, up until the development of humanism and the invention of the printing press towards the end of the 15th century.
Collection of several hundred digital images, mainly covering architecture in Italy in the 15th
17th century, with some images from France and England.
Extensive index to European archaeological resources, organised by country.
Sample document reports from an archive of nearly 3 million letters written in Renaissance and Baroque Europe, providing a panorama of two hundred years of human history. The archive is keyword searchable, or browsable by topic such as Jewish history, costume and textiles, and arts and humanities subjects including antiquities, arms, books, ceramics, coins, drawings, animals, food, fortification, furniture, sports, gardens, glassware, jewels, maps, medicine, music, theatre, and timepieces. Documents are in Italian, with English translations.
The Futurist movement of the early 20th century is described, as are several others, up until the emergence of contemporary authors of the last few decades.
Describes Italian literary movements from the early 19th century and neoclassicism through to the beginning of the 20th Century.
Includes information on Italian Cinema: Historical Movies, Comedies, Melodramas and Adventures, The First Stars, Italian Cinema in the 1920's and 30's, Realism and Formalism, The Post
War Years and Neo-realism, and Post War Cinema.
Information about the famous Italian bell tower, tracing its construction which began in 1173. Provides details about the site, the building itself, developmental phases, the architect whose identity remains uncertain to this day, characteristics, decoration, inclination, and measurements. Also features Quick Time Virtual Reality film clips showing views from the top of the tower, and a collection of photographs depicting every detail of the landmark. Available in English and Italian.
A brief history and description of Cappella Sistina in the Vatican.
Manifestos, photographs, and articles exploring the international Futurist movement founded in Italy in 1909, which celebrated the aesthetic possibilities of machines, speed, noise, and cities, and impacted heavily on 20th century art and literature.
Virtual exhibition exploring the nature of Italian fascism in the early twentieth century. Includes digital reproductions of original documents and covers political, educational, social, and racial policies.
Provides a general survey of Italian history from the Stone Age to the present, covering medieval Italy, the Renaissance, the Risorgimento and the World Wars. Also provides detailed information on the geography of the country.
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