Italy and I Guide - Resources and Review

Set of maps produced by the CIA covering the political and ethnic boundaries, administrative divisions and major defence industries in all countries in Europe.
Listing of political resources relevant to Italy, with links to parties, organisations, government, media and results of recent elections, where available.
Basic reference information about Italy, such as area, capital, population, population density, geography, language, religion, time zone, history and government, plus business and social information, including details of accommodation, addresses, climate, regions, travel, visas, passports, money, health and public holidays.
Collection of links to Italian libraries accessible via a geographical listing or an interactive map. University libraries are highlighted.
National geological institute of Italy.
Offers original articles and features about Italian culture, plus annotated links to selected relevant Internet resources, compiled by a subject specialist, a subject
specific bulletin board, and details of related news and events. Topics include art, basilicas, businesses, films, genealogy, government, language, media, museums, opera, regions, religion, sport, travel, volcanoes and wine.
Information about the famous Italian bell tower, tracing its construction which began in 1173. Provides details about the site, the building itself, developmental phases, the architect whose identity remains uncertain to this day, characteristics, decoration, inclination, and measurements. Also features Quick Time Virtual Reality film clips showing views from the top of the tower, and a collection of photographs depicting every detail of the landmark. Available in English and Italian.
Tourist resource comprising information about accommodation, sightseeing, entertainment, dining, shopping, safety, and finding your way around the city. Also offers weather forecasts, a currency converter, and an online travel booking facility.
A government organisation which promotes and coordinates research for the benefit of the scientific and technological progress of Italy.
Detailed assessment of human rights practices in Italy. Topics assessed include torture, arbitrary detention or exile, fair public trial, freedom of speech and press, freedom of assembly, movement and religion; democratic rights, worker rights, and discrimination based on race, sex, religion, disability, language, or social status.
Links to live and 'almost
live' views of volcanoes in the US, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand.
Photographs, latitude and longitude, height, date of last eruption and descriptive information about numerous active volcanoes in over 40 countries in the world.
A catalogue of all the languages and dialects spoken in Italy, with details of the numbers of speakers of each language. Also some demographic data such as rates of literacy, blindness and deafness.
Basic reference information about Italy, including details of geography, people, economy, government, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues. Geographical information includes area, population, flag, maps, high and low points, coordinates, boundary length, border countries, climate, land use and natural resources.
Online museum offering indices of rooms and artists, a free text search facility, and general information for visiting the real Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Rooms exhibit works from specific periods and artists such as Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, and Rembrandt. Biographies of artists are also provided.
Official information from the parliament of Italy.
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