Occupational health and safety and O Guide - Resources and Review

US Government organisation. Information on NIOSH activities as well as links to publications, databases, research and related sites.
disciplinary learned society which aims to promote the science of occupational hygiene by raising awareness of the value of the speciality through education, information exchange, research, and professional networking. Offers information on activities, publications, services, and events.
Part of US Department of Labor committed to preventing injuries and protecting America's workers. Throughout the US OSHA has over 2000 inspectors, plus complaint discrimination investigators, engineers, physicians, educators, standards writers, and other technical and support personnel. Information about ergonomics, standards and compliance assistance is available as well as media releases and publications.
Ensure that risks to people's health and safety from work activities are properly controlled, develop new health and safety laws and standards, and play a full part in international developments, especially with the European Union. Full text of HSC/HSE key risk and different workplaces and industrial sectors leaflets are available along with information about electronic products and official HSE statistics.
Articles and FAQs offering information about repetitive strain injuries, discussing health care, ergonomics, keyboards, pointing devices, and software. Provides details of injury signs, risk factors within the office environment, avoidance techniques, and appropriately designed products such as supportive seats, alternative keyboards and pointing devices, speech recognition programs, and accessories like wrist and foot rests.
Department concentrating on health promotion through various means. Includes links to information on occupational and environmental health, violence prevention, ageing and health and Alzheimer's disease.
Organisation aiming to maintain physical and mental health in the workplace. Research grants are distributed in an attempt to minimise the cost to industry of work related illnesses in the UK. Provides details of published, current and future research.
Describes the methodology by which the Bureau of Labor Statistics obtains economic data covering topics such as employment, compensation, occupational health and safety, productivity, technology, economic growth, prices and living conditions.
Health information for pilots, flight attendants, aviation management, and aero
medical professionals, with an emphasis on radiation monitoring.
Information about repetitive strain injury, its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
Set of links to journals relevant to physical medicine and rehabilitation. Some have only subscription information online, others have tables of contents, abstracts or full text.
Links to resources in ergonomics, health and safety, human factors, and human computer interaction. Also permits access to a HCI standards database.
Information about publications and meetings dealing with oil and gas exploration and production, offshore health, safety and environmental protection, resources of the seabed and renewable energy, and marine technology. Freely available to the UK academic community (within .ac.uk domain), otherwise subscription is required.
Resources and information about environmental and occupational health. Well organised links to resources held elsewhere, tutorials from Edinburgh University, and information on educational programmes in environmental health at the University.
Information about work
related injuries to the muscles, nerves, and tendons of the upper limbs, and including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, frozen shoulder, and epicondylitis. Offers UK-oriented advice on dealing with RSI, frequently asked questions, an online discussion list, and articles.
Reports progress in the development of a monitoring system for health and safety at work within the European Union. The main report covers data sources and methodology, aspects of the working environment, occupational safety, and health outcomes. In addition, individual national reports from the fifteen member nations are available.
Provides access to human resource related information. Contains information on recruitment and selection, training and development, employee relations, pay and benefits, and health and safety.
National centre which promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing information and advice about occupational health and safety, including practical health and safety databases.
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