Office systems and O Guide - Resources and Review

Detailed online lessons in use of Microsoft Excel. Topics covered include spreadsheet basics, common file modifications, printing and formatting enhancements and sorting and multiple sheet layouts.
Index of resources about using Microsoft Access database software.
Set of online lessons in word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets and databases, covering use of Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Access 97, Excel, Lotus 1
2-3 and Quattro Pro.
Supplier of computer chips, monitors, DVD
ROM and CD-ROM drives, digital cameras, and other audio-visual and IT products.
Collection of computer documentation intended to ease the sharing of documents between UK universities by collating material produced by various sources, which is available to be adapted or reproduced. It consists of an index of online documents from contributors, and links to their document pages.
Supplier of scanners, printers, fax machines, software, and document management systems.
Detailed online lessons in use of Microsoft Word version 7. Topics covered include creating a basic document, simple editing options, using graphical tools and bars, exploring templates and other document enhancements.
An extensive collection of file format specifications, including JPEG image files, wave sound files, Rich Text files, and common database and word processing files such as Paradox and WordPerfect. All of the specifications are very technical and are directed towards programmers. Users can subscribe to a mailing list for notification of updates.
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