Online bibliographic searching and O Guide - Resources and Review

User group for those wanting to get the most from online and CD
ROM products and services.
Service providing access to tables of contents of journals and conference proceedings covering topics within science, technology, medicine, engineering, business, law, finance, and the humanities. Records are freely available to UK further and higher educational institutions, and details of how to order full text material are included.
EDINA provides the UK Higher Education and research community with access to a library of data, information and research resources (requires registration).
MIMAS provides a range of national dataset services to the UK academic community. These include online access to strategic research and teaching datasets, specialist support (e.g. training courses and documentation), access to software packages and computing resources required for data storage.
Compiled on behalf of the Database Resources Research Group (DDRG) who investigated the hypothesis that level of BIDS ISI usage is related to the criteria of research performance in universities. To do this, academic usage of the database was analysed in conjunction with institutional performance in the 1992 and 1996 Research Assessment Exercises (RAE).
Set of links to selected, evaluated and annotated Internet resources relevant to bibliographic databases, including library catalogues.
Internationally accessible union catalogue providing free access to the combined online catalogues from some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.
BIDS is a national provider of network access to commercially supplied bibliographic database services for UK higher education and research. Many services require registration.
This report presents the result of a survey concerning seven priced online services that are available to the academic community as a result of JISC initiatives. Compiled on behalf of the Database Resources Research Group (DRRG).
The British Library's searchable online information service offering access to British Library catalogues and other bibliographic databases, including the British National Bibliography and British Books in Print.
The User Group's principal purposes are to stimulate and maintain interest in the use of JISC supported online bibliographic services, to provide an effective and independent forum for discussion and information exchange between the users of these JISC services, and to influence collectively the development of them.
A project aimed at dealing with the problems of large and complex retrieval sets, possible from multiple databases, obtained via the Z39.50 protocol. The trial service allows cross
searching of at least 12 university library catalogues, using Z39.50 from within a Web browser.
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