Scotland and S Guide - Resources and Review

Includes a map showing the locations of youth hostels in Scotland, a full listing of 80 hostels (with addresses and phone numbers), and short features on areas of interest. There are also links to international hostels, and to the YHAs of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Edinburgh University OPAC
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
St Andrews University OPAC
St Andrews University OPAC
Robert Gordon University Library Service
St Andrews University OPAC
Centre for Human Ecology, Edinburgh
St Andrews University OPAC
Moray House Institute of Education, Edinburgh
Geographical database presented as a gazetteer, which features details of towns and villages throughout Scotland. Describes geographical features and historic sites, and also includes information on family names, famous people and local industries. Information can be browsed via an active map of the country, or searched by entering region, family name, or population figures.
Abertay Dundee University Information Services
Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
Founded over 300 years ago as the Library of the Faculty of Advocates. Now serves as a general research library of international importance and as the world's leading repository for the printed and manuscript record of Scotland's history and culture.
Glasgow Caledonian University
Stirling University
Napier University OPAC
Glasgow Caledonian University Library and Information Centre
A collection of Scottish related resources covering topics such as accommodation, architecture, bagpipes, castles, clans, ecology, education, employment, famous Scots, history, religion and tartan. The collection can be browsed or searched by keyword. Also provides access to a Scottish Newsletter which offers a weekly insight into recent events in Scotland.
Dundee University
Queen Margaret College Edinburgh Library
Scottish Agricultural College
Napier University, Edinburgh
Edinburgh University
Holds records relating to Scotland and Scottish life from the 12th Century onwards. Information comprises a collection of legal, public, and private documents, along with a set of fact sheets providing guidance on how to research a particular topic.
Strathclyde University OPAC
Glasgow Caledonian University OPAC
Paisley University Library
Aberdeen University Library
Edinburgh University Library
Collection of data covering many aspects of 'Scottishness'. Includes information on the likes of Scottish and Scots Irish Clan history, general history, travel in Scotland, and the Scots language. With additional resources and information on Scotland's association with America, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland.
Online version of Scotland's Statistical Accounts, covering the 1790s and 1834
1845. Based largely on information supplied by each parish church minister, records cover a wide variety of topics including wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife, population, schools, and the moral health of the people. Also features contemporary reports of life during the agricultural and industrial revolutions in Europe.
Glasgow Caledonian University OPAC
SHEFC aims to promote the quality and encourage the expansion of teaching and research in Scottish higher education institutions through the efficient and effective use of public funds.
Information about SNH, its research, strategies, education programmes, news and on Scotland's natural environments.
City centre map available for download in pdf and GIF image formats.
Clyde Virtual University
Charitable trust founded to safeguard and conserve wild places and to increase awareness and understanding of them, especially in Scotland. Offers news and information on membership, properties, awards and events.
Glasgow University OPAC
Collection of information about Scotland, providing details of physical characteristics, government and commerce, famous people and history. Also includes maps, weather forecasts and flags.
Strathclyde University
Map showing main towns and cities in Scotland.
Aberdeen University OPAC
St Andrews University Library
Scottish economic development agency working to create jobs and prosperity. Offers a wide range of help and advice for those whose business's are based in Scotland and provides guidance and support for those interested in inward investment and trade.
Napier University OPAC
Final report of the Independent Committee of Inquiry into Student Finance, established under Andrew Cubie by the Scottish Executive to explore and make recommendations on the future of student finance in Scotland. Presented as a PDF file.
University of the Highlands and Islands Project
Glasgow University
Queen Margaret College Edinburgh OPAC
Edinburgh University OPAC
Map of Dundee city centre.
Paisley University
Information about the Hebridean islands with topics covering things to do, holiday ideas, accommodation, travel, events, and weather.
Searchable daily service providing breaking news, a newspaper of topical stories, and a series of company and market reports affecting Scotland.
Northern College, Aberdeen and Dundee
Briefing paper aiming to provide those involved in the Scottish Parliament with information and expertise on matters of educational policy.
Map of the centre of Glasgow, including a large map of the full City Centre, with a facility to download specific sections of the map. Also includes a listing of all streets and places on the maps, the links to the relevant sections of the map.
Robert Gordon University
SALSER: Scottish Academic Libraries Serials
Dundee University Library and Information Services
Alphabetical listing of typical Scottish dishes including black bun, cloutie dumpling, drop scones, ginger wine, herring in oatmeal, Scotch broth, and hot toddy.
St Andrews University
Heriot Watt University
Queen Margaret College Edinburgh OPAC
SALCTG: Scottish Academic Libraries Co
operative Training Group
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Library
Strathclyde University OPAC
Stirling University Library
Glasgow University Library
A series of subject specific reports assessing the quality of higher education in Scotland, which may be browsed by subject or institution.
Heriot Watt University Library
Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh University OPAC
Edinburgh University OPAC
Collection of news stories reporting on elections for the Scottish Parliament which were held in May 1999. Includes information on candidates, the voting process and the results.
Collection of Scottish news material covering sport, recruitment, technology, shopping, community, heritage, travel, living, and entertainment.
Glasgow School of Art
Aberdeen University
Abertay Dundee University
National Library of Scotland OPAC
Strathclyde University Library
Napier University Library
Bell College of Technology, Lanarkshire
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