Scottish government and S Guide - Resources and Review

Information about the organisation which collectively represents local government in Scotland, and provides a forum for discussion of matters of common concern. Includes the agenda and minutes of leaders' meetings, weekly briefings on Scottish Parliament activity, and an archive of COSLA press releases.
Live Webcast transmitting the main chamber proceedings of the Scottish Parliament. News and future business sections are available, as well as a full archive of past broadcasts. Requires RealPlayer.
Official information from the devolved Scottish Parliament set up in May 1999. Includes the official daily report, details of members, history of earlier parliaments, and information on the Parliament buildings.
Provides access to UK government information and services. Once a geographical area (Scotland, England, Wales, or Northern Ireland) has been selected, users can search a collection of central and local government resources, local services, forms and legal documents, and government news releases and publications. Also offers government information relating to life events such as making journeys, dealing with crime, having a baby, moving home, learning to drive, and death and bereavement. In addition, this resource aims to encourage citizens to become more involved in government processes via an online forum. Available in English and Welsh.
Official information from the devolved government of Scotland, responsible for those functions of government which are separately administered in Scotland, including health, education, local government, agriculture and fisheries, housing and transport.
Uses interviews, quotes, statistical data, and news reports to represent the political situation in Scotland, past and present. Features relevant aspects of Westminster, Scottish, and European Parliaments, as well as local government, with special sections on the Falkirk West and Anniesland by
elections in 2000. Data comprises elections maps, and opinion polls, with political themes of the economy, nuclear bases, and the break up of the United Kingdom being explored.
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