Sculpture and S Guide - Resources and Review

Offers resources pertaining to the influential contemporary architect, sculptor, and designer. Includes links to online exhibitions, articles, and biographies.
An interactive multimedia digital library for teaching and research designed to expand the ways in which ancient Greek literature, art and archaeology can be examined. The full text collection of Greek and Latin literature includes Julius Caesar, Cicero, Ovid, Vergil, Aeschylus, Aristotle, Euripides, Homer, Plato and Sophocles.
Considered one of the most important museums in the world, it temporarily houses masterpieces of the ancient Greek civilization dedicated to the 'temenos' of Athena Parthenos. The collections include temple pediments and sculptures from the Archaic period, the Parthenon frieze and sculpted figures dated to around 500 BC.
Resource guide to a collection of over 600 international films and videos on art, including painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, architecture, design, photography, video art and modern literature. Listed by period, subject, director, scriptwriter, narrator and title, with Real Video clips and the facility to order online.
VADS provides the UK higher education community with access to digital research data appropriate for re
use, by building an on-line archive of electronic resources created by and of use to the visual arts community. These resources will adhere to agreed standards of best practice for the creation, management, preservation and access of electronic information.
Collection of East Asian masterpieces from the Kyoto National Museum Collection in Japan. Images are arranged into categories including archaeology, ceramics, sculpture, paintings, calligraphy, textiles, lacquerware and metalwork. Also features a searchable image database of the collection.
Biographical information about the most prominent artists of the 20th Century, as voted by BBC Radio Producers. Includes writers, painters, architects, film
makers, designers, sculptors, and poets.
Covers all aspects of sculpture, including museums and exhibitions, stone and wood carving, mould making tips, types of sculpture, discussion groups and legal issues.
Gallery based in Washington DC. Holds national collections of European and American paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, and selected temporary exhibitions of art from countries and cultures throughout the world.
ArtScape is a dynamic online resource for artists and art lovers alike. The aim is to make contemporary art available to the public in a manner which is accessible as well as educational. Headings include ceramics, digital art, mixed media, painting, photography and sculpture.
A museum dedicated to the decorative arts. The Victorian and Edwardian buildings house 145 galleries containing some of the world's greatest collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and textiles, paintings, silver, glass, ceramics, jewellery, books, prints and photographs.
Image collection illustrating architecture, sculpture, and the decorative arts from prehistoric through to contemporary periods. Offers details of slide sets held by the organisation, photographic specifications for material, reproduction information, digitisation policy, and ordering procedures.
Searchable database of sculpture works in Glasgow, together with details of their locations, execution dates, and the artists involved. Provides biographies of individual sculptors or designers and architects, foundries, and builders, as well as a list of acronyms and a glossary of terms used in the field.
The purpose of the art in context web site is to preserve and increase the availability of information important for research, education, public awareness and understanding in fine art. Includes indexes of galleries and dealers, museums, artists and current exhibitions.
A collection of over 52,000 images which are free for educational use by the UK higher education community. The collection comprises images of textiles, paintings, ceramics, metalwork, Chinese and Japanese art, Indian art, furniture, glass, photography, sculpture, costume, theatre and manuscripts, Picture Post magazine images (covering social history in Britain from 1938 to 1957), six areas of British history (the Irish troubles, history of sport, women's history, development of the mass media, UK politicians and Labour history), with editorial input from academics, journalists and archivists, and images from the James Valentine collection (a postcard archive of photography over the past 100 years), plus items from the George Cowie and Robert Adam photographic collections.
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