Seaweed and S Guide - Resources and Review

Information and resources on seaweed. Includes check
lists of the seaweed of Britain, Ireland and northern Europe, bibliographic databases on seaweed, an email discussion list (Algae-L), information about seaweed cultivation and the seaweed industry, and a taxonomic database of seaweed.
Research laboratory aiming to develop the uses and benefits of seaweed by employing scientific techniques such as protoplast fusion, mutagenesis, and cell
cell fusion. Details current and past projects, and offers a selected bibliography.
Traces the history of seaweed usage, describes possible future applications, and provides information on the Irish seaweed industry and associated organisations. Includes the full text of a presentation delivered at a seminar entitled Ireland in the 21st Century, and explains how different strains can be used as alginates, fertilisers, health and skin care products, and foodstuffs.
An image gallery of red (Rhodophyta), brown (Phaeophyta), and green (Chlorophyta) algae. Each entry includes a short informative abstract, explaining where the algae grows and how it is structured.
Nb = 4